Ann Demeulemeester Backlace Vitello Boots

Ann Demeulemeester Backlace Vitello Boots


Ann Demeulemeester’s work has always been defined by indulgence of the highest order. Little has changed through the decades - weather heats and cools, economies rise and wane, but every year she has a new set of models in luxurious silks and velvets layered upon each other, all whom feel distinctly and intentionally isolated from the world around them. When considering her influences, this comes as no surprise, as she’s always been guided by the lives and art (oft blurred and interchangeable among such a group) of French decadent poets like Rimbaud, Bauldeaire, and Verlaine, who languished in excesses of beauty, drugs, horror, and any other stimulant of the mind or body available to them. 

The Vitello boot is her most immediately recognizable piece of footwear. The heavy duty combat boots take on a unique and unequivocally Ann interpretation with their tight corset back lacing, which creates the perfect slim silhouette through the shaft. Ann has always been one to draw from Victorian tropes, making the corset laces a natural fit within the canon of her work.

Condition: 8.5/10. Normal signs of wear.

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