BLESS No.32 2008 Photo Collage Pants

BLESS No.32 2008 Photo Collage Pants


BLESS distinguishes itself not as a fashion house, but rather as a product workshop. They stray from the traditional fashion calendar, with collections denoted by sequential numbers rather than seasons, and periodically decline to produce garments of any kind, opting to focus on household objects. Though they rose to prominence creating wigs for Martin Margiela’s AW1997 collection, BLESS was an early embracer of the philosophy of brand-as-a-lifestyle, as they aim to promote a symbiotic relationship between lifestyle and objects. They dramatize the mundane, producing both decadent and practical iterations of items like extension cords and bike locks. The line between lifestyle and retail are quite literally blurred at their Berlin boutique, which doubles as both a workshop and home for store manager Jordan Davidson, where interns are expected to complete household duties such as cooking for each other, along with their design work. Due to their extremely limited runs, designs from past collections can be recommishioned by customers - an idea reinforced in their 1996 manifesto, which declared, “everything except sex is available by request.”

These pants feature a set of photo collage visuals that were reproduced across a variety of mediums for the 32nd collection. For the runway presentation, the brand staged a game of soccer for all of the models to play.

Condition: 9/10. No significant flaws.

Tagged size: M

Waist: 15.5in

Rise: 10.5in

Thigh: 12in

Inseam: 32.5in

Hem: 7.25in

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