Craig Green AW2017 Scuba Jacket

Craig Green AW2017 Scuba Jacket


Craig Green’s Fall 2017 season focused on an exploration of fear. Specifically, he noted, his own fear of the ocean and its vastness. The expression of such ideals was intricate and voluminous; models wore impressionistic sailor garb, armor, and coats made of Persian rugs. Models’ faces were often sheathed beneath low slung hats, ascribing a detached, surreal quality to the event.

Fittingly cohesive with the motif of the sea and its vast unknown, one of the signature pieces from the season was inspired by the technology worn to explore its murkiest reaches: deep-sea scuba gear. This complex jacket was featured prominently on the runway, and is notable for its cropped fit and heavy duty hardware. It is highly customizable due to the straps at its neck and hem, which can be tied, detached, or hung loose, depending on the silhouette its wearer chooses to create.

Condition: 9/10. No significant flaws. 

Tagged size: S

Shoulder: 21.5in

Pit to pit: 23in

Length: 22in

Sleeve: 26.5in

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