Craig Green SS2016 Quilted Samurai Vest

Craig Green SS2016 Quilted Samurai Vest


In SS16, Green conjured shape from the shapeless, as models strolled in highly contorted clothing, which interlaced through itself, tassels bouncing in motion to the majestic Hans Zimmer score from Interstellar, which blared through the building. What should have resulted in chaos felt strangely harmonious; one’s eye could trace the clothing in a cohesive pattern, instead of leaving our gaze dashing about as would have been the case with a less-gifted designer.

This vest exemplifies the evocative simplicity Green pulled forth from highly complex shapes this season. Despite wrapping around itself, oversized with straps dangling from all corners, this samurai-influenced vest nevertheless feels light and airy. The sides are completely undone, held together only by the belt when tied. Made out of the lightweight nylon/cotton blend Green frequently utilized during this period.

Condition: 9/10. No significant flaws.

Tagged size: XL

Shoulder: 16in

Pit to pit: 21in

Length: 27.5in

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