Final Home Safety Orange Survival Parka

Final Home Safety Orange Survival Parka


Kosuka Tsumura made a name for himself at the Miyake Design Studios before launching Final Home. At his own label, he designed with a highly conceptual bent guided by his anxiety over technology’s dominance in modern society. However, instead of venturing into a futuristic what-if, as many prepossessed by technology tend to to do, he turns the idea on its head, and wonders how equipped we are to adapt not to a world controlled by technology, but rather one where it is suddenly taken away from us. This led him to pose the question: “If I lost my house due to disaster, war, unemployment, etc., what kind of clothing can I propose as a fashion designer?”

The answer: the Survival Parka. There are over half-a-dozen full length zippers adorning it, which, despite their alluring design, are function before form. In the event of a catastrophic event, they are intended to be stuffed with newspaper to provide insulation, or used to pack belongings such as food and other necessities. This iteration is additionally notable for its safety orange outer, a color used to enhance visibility from afar.

Condition: 9/10. No significant flaws.

Tagged size: L

Shoulder: 28in

Pit to pit: 29in

Length: 46.5in

Sleeve: 21in

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