Helmut Lang AW1999 Moleskin Astro Pants

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Helmut Lang AW1999 Moleskin Astro Pants


Autumn/Winter 1999 is frequently regarded as Helmut Lang’s magnum opus, and rightfully so. The collection spanned over a range of distant influences, yet Lang managed to seamlessly merge them all together. From astronauts to motorcyclists to BDSM, Lang combined them to create something completely new. This idea of combining subcultures set the foundation for the label’s following years, as Lang went on to frequently revisit this methodology.

Featured heavily in the season’s campaign, these pants parallel the classic Astro jackets, mirroring their encircling zipper, and matching their moto ribbing. Made in several different materials, they were often shown in tandem with their counterpart jacket. This specific pair is made in a sturdy moleskin, with leather detailing embellishing the hems.

Condition: 8/10. Normal signs of wear. Inner button is missing - can easily be replaced. Closure is still completely functional.

Tagged size: 50

Waist: 16.5in

Thigh: 12.5in

Inseam: 32in

Hem: 7.5in

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