Helmut Lang AW2003 Suspender Harness

Helmut Lang AW2003 Suspender Harness


Autumn/Winter 2003 proves to be one of Helmut Lang’s most daring, yet well executed collections. The trio of influences - classic tailoring, fetish wear, and military wear - may seem to be incongruous on paper, but the collection is just as cohesive as it is experimental. Each look has a degree of outlandishness to it, yet there’s nothing outright unaccessible. For every chest harness or pair of laced chaps there’s a timeless chesterfield coat or black cashmere sweater to pair along. Lang’s sense of experimentalism is tasteful; the silhouettes are familiar, yet they all boast their own standout qualities. A quote from Vogue journalist Sarah Mower encapsulates the subtlety that makes Lang’s work from this era so clever. “You could pass in the straight corporate world while secretly laughing. Who knew that Lang was surreptitiously encoding the imagery of bondage harnesses, trash-bags, bra straps, and rubber into those clothes? Who recognized the sly flashes of acid-house pink? They didn’t. We did.”

The interplay of fetish wear and military garb was perhaps no more concretely articulated than in the set of harnesses that Lang produced this season. For sale here is one of the most notable, as it graced not only the runway but one of Lang’s most prominent campaigns. The stiff cotton and plastic buckle are brutally industrial, while the svelte, structural shape it cuts across the wearer’s body is slyly promiscuous and quintessentially Lang.

Condition: 10/10. Brand new with tag attached.

Length: 25.5in

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