Helmut Lang SS2000 Safety Orange Turn-up Denim

Helmut Lang SS2000 Safety Orange Turn-up Denim


Helmut Lang’s SS2000 collection was intended to be rather dreamlike. The surreal quality of it took shape in the variety of airy fabrics he sent models across the runway in, which were translucent and revealing. He additionally opted for light colors which did little to obscure the model’s figures. It can be seen as a precursor to the spring show he presented two years later, which, while more stripped down, featured a similar lightness to the designs.

The "safety orange” color's existence can be ostensibly attributed to its ability to protect construction workers and hunters. However, by the time Lang was drawn to the color, it had been imbued with a wildly different connotation. It was the colorway-du-jour with club kids of the early and mid-90s, and in turn led to the color surfacing on various garments from brands such as Undercover, W&L.T, and other brands which boasted an ear to the pulse of the underground. These pants place the orange on his signature denim jeans, based on Levi’s cuts of the ‘60s and ‘70s, and feature a slim hip, straight leg, button fly closure, and extended inseam intended to be cuffed.

Condition: 8/10. Small mark on front knee.

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