Helmut Lang SS2003 Inside Out Denim

Helmut Lang SS2003 Inside Out Denim


Helmut Lang’s Spring/Summer 2003 collection represents a full indulgence into the abstract, a departure of familiarity. To quote Sarah Mower, “Since Lang has been in New York, his once raw, plugged-in connection to underground sources has been replaced by a quest for sophistication, expressed in abstract detailing and luxe materials. So the coats and pants got inserts or sleeves constructed of mesh, chiffon and leather. The T-shirts were often reduced to complex traceries of string. And there was cool white-beaded eveningwear, as a zippered dress or fragile jacket, intended to shine on a red carpet somewhere.”

These pants are a unique twist on one of Helmut Lang’s signature productions, the raw denim button-fly jeans. They feature his signature slim hip and straight leg cut, yet separate themselves with externally layered pockets. Featured prominently on the runway, they exemplify Helmut’s proficiency with deconstructing familiar silhouettes into something more abstract.

Condition: 8.5/10. No significant flaws other than a small rip on the back left leg.

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