Helmut Lang SS2005 Floral Denim

Helmut Lang SS2005 Floral Denim


Helmut Lang surmised his Spring ’05 output as, “just about optimal summer.” It was loosely nautical themed, as Lang drew twin inspiration from Bill Murray’s award season request for a suit which incorporated sailor pants, and Lang’s own book of fisherman knots, whose shadows can be seen printed across numerous garments. Compared to his past outputs, the lightness in both mood and clothing immediately stands out. Though the runway made room for the occasional harness and cut out top (would it have really felt like Lang otherwise?), even the exposed skin from undone shirts and plunging necklines felt carefree rather than meant to arose.

That vision of an optimal summer is evident in these floral jeans, a standout piece from a runway scant on prints. They’re made with Lang’s classic flattering cut, featuring a slim hip and slightly flared leg. 

Condition: 9/10. No significant flaws.

Tagged size: 28

Waist: 14.5in

Rise: 9.5in

Thigh: 11in

Inseam: 30.5in

Hem: 8.5in

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