Hysteric Glamour Snake Denim

Hysteric Glamour Snake Denim


The cult Japanese streetwear label, Hysteric Glamour, draws heavily from the mass media based pop-art of the late-‘60s, cultivated by figures like Andy Warhol, and is oft to use visual signifiers such as vintage cars, pin-up girls, neon, and punk rock bands. 

These jeans, which depart from the colorful and somewhat satirical visuals the label is synonymous with, depict intertwined snakes from waist to hem, and feature a slim hip and slightly flared cut.

Condition: 9/10. No significant flaws.  

Tagged size: SS

Waist: 14in 

Rise: 9.5in

Thigh: 10in

Inseam: 29in

Hem: 6.5in

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