Issey Miyake AW2001 Techincal Parka

Issey Miyake AW2001 Techincal Parka


Issey Miyake exists as a designer in the most literal interoperation of the word. His clothes do not exist to put forth a narrative, as those of Ann or Raf do, but rather to display marvels of technical skill and innovation. His career has been propelled by a desire to explore fabric and construction techniques, and how they may interact with their wearer’s body. In recent years, Miyake has completely disassociated himself from the label, choosing to strictly to work on developing new fabric materials. His scientific approach to expressions of beauty has found him many vaunted kindred spirits, including Steve Jobs, whom he designed his iconic black turtlenecks for.

This short-length parka is made with a mid-weight, rain resistant matte nylon/cotton blend, and features a packable hood, optional high-neck closure, and several interior pockets. It speaks to an era in which Issey dallied with practically-minded technical garments nearly a decade before the trend began to purvey the fashion landscape.

Condition: 9/10. No significant flaws.

Tagged size: 2

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