Jean Paul Gaultier Literature Pants

Jean Paul Gaultier Literature Pants


With no formal fashion education to boast of, Jean Paul Gaultier established himself in the 70s and 80s as the “enfant terrible" of French fashion. His irreverent style left nothing sacred, dancing over the standard guard rails of high-fashion — he played with gender roles, adorning men in skirts decades before others opted to, and allowed plus sized women and older men to grace his runways. His talent was undeniable, though his utilization of such gifts made him a fiercely divisive designer. While often ripped by the French press, he gained the hearts of numerous subversive, forward-thinking icons, including Madonna and Marilyn Manson, both whom he conceptualized tour wardrobes for.

These Gaultier trousers feature an all-over print depicting various hardcover novels. The detailing is both elaborate and cheeky, with Gaultier adding “JPG by Gaultier” logo binding to several of the books, and mangling famous author’s names. Closer inspections of the titles reveal authors like “Martel Proot” (Marcel Proust), “Hector Vigo” (Victor Hugo), and Calbert Samu (Albert Camus). It speaks to the irreverence Gaultier treated the old guard which came before him, a trait that landed him as much criticism as it did praise.

Condition: 9/10. No significant flaws. 

Tagged size: 34

Waist: 17in

Rise: 10in

Thigh: 13in

Inseam: 29.5in

Hem: 9.5in

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