Junya Watanabe SS2003 Parachute Backpack

Junya Watanabe SS2003 Parachute Backpack


Junya’s ability to shift and occupy various spaces in the fashion world is somewhat disorienting. From Americana to punk-rock, he’s able to effortlessly channel the ethos of nearly any look, while not diluting the aspects that make it quintessentially his. In SS2003, Junya blended aspects of tech wear, cyberpunk, and bondage into several pieces which have since been referred to in shorthand “parachute” items. On dresses, tops, and pack backs were scrunched fabrics, harness, and hanging buckles.

This backpack is highly modifiable due to the litany of straps and fastenings, which can be buckled or left to hang freely. It’s made of a sturdy but light weight nylon fabric, which weighs nearly nothing on its own. If empty, the backpack can be turned inside out and packed into itself for easier transportation.

Condition: 9/10. No significant flaws.

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