Kapital Kountry Boro Union Jack Ring Coat

Kapital Kountry Boro Union Jack Ring Coat


The term boro is used to define a sort of patchwork fabric that emerges from the natural degeneration and repair of lesser fabrics. The word itself comes from the Japanese term “boroboro,” for something tattered or repaired. In their era, boro fabrics were often used to distinguish someone of the lower class. Since access to cotton and silk was reserved for the higher realms of society, peasants often had to reweave linens together to reinforce clothing. In the centuries since, working with boro fabrics has became an art intrinsic to many of the most respected brands in Japan.

Kapital’s work with it is among the finest, as displayed inventively on this jacket, where the boro fabric is used to construct the Union Jack. It further harkens back to British military garb with a “1335” sleeve insignia, yet remains quintessentially Kapital due to their famous Ring Coat silhouette.

Condition: 9/10. No significant flaws. 

Tagged size: 2

Shoulder: 20in

Pit to pit: 24in

Length: 29in

Sleeve: 25in

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