Kapital Patchwork Pants

Kapital Patchwork Pants


Kapital’s “Kapital Kountry” sub-line focuses on producing garments constructed with more artisanal techniques than the mainline offerings. Produced in limited runs and sold at a higher price tag, the bulk of Kountry items can not be purchased outside of the various brick-and-mortar stores in Japan. At times Kapital has offered further customization options of their Kountry items, allowing customers to pick swatches and fabrics to be added onto the patchwork offerings. 

These pants were produced in several different color ways, and each contains unique variations to the base fabrics and swatches affixed to them. Though the shape and styling remains the same throughout, the inconsistencies in color schemes and patterns are a testament to the hand-done, in-house nature of Kapital Kountry’s production. 

Condition: 9/10. No significant flaws.

Tagged size: S

Waist: 14.5in

Rise: 13in

Thigh: 11.5in

Inseam: 28in

Hem: 7in

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