Kapital Split Leg Patchwork Pants

Kapital Split Leg Patchwork Pants


Kapital’s “Kapital Kountry” offshoot is renowned for its bespoke qualities, with much of the work done by artisans employed at the brick and mortar shops which the piece’s are then sold at. 

These jeans display impressive design capabilities — the back is a cohesively arranged patchwork blend of denim, corduroy, and cotton twill, while the front places a velvet paisley embellishment atop a base of heavy-weight denim.

Condition: 9/10. No significant flaws.  

Tagged size: 32

Waist: 15in 

Rise: 12.5in

Thigh: 11.5in

Inseam: 34in

Hem: 7in

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