Martin Margiela SS2004 Artisanal Checked Trousers

Martin Margiela SS2004 Artisanal Checked Trousers


The reclusive Martin Margiela is truly a designer’s designer. A principle influence on many of both his piers and those who came after, it’s possible to draw an entire family tree of labels born from the ethos Margiela so effortlessly captured. Unlike designers such as Hedi and Rick and Galliano, where the specter of their sheer personality hangs over every creation, one photo of the man exists, and no official interviews were ever conducted, allowing his creations a quality of pure expression largely foreign in the fashion world. His work was often highly deconstructed, challenging notions we take for granted and what clothing and a runway show should be — runways shows in parks, 2-D clothing, models holding hangers with their outfits on them. He upheaved the foundation that nearly every other designer choses to build up from.

As was typical for garments hailing from Margiela's artisanal line, these pants incorporate repurposed vintage fabrics, with a waistband taken from vintage Levi’s jeans. The latter panels are composed of a pair of irregularly sized houndstooth patterns. Eight years after their original release, these pants were selected as one of the notable artisanal offerings to be re-editioned for Margiela’s H&M collaboration.

Condition: 9/10. No significant flaws.

Tagged size: 2

Waist: 16in

Rise: 11.5in

Thigh: 11.5in

Inseam: 28.5in

Hem: 9in

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