Number (N)ine AW2005 "The High Streets" Hybrid Jacket

Number (N)ine AW2005 "The High Streets" Hybrid Jacket


Fall 2005’s “The High Streets” marked a high point for a bygone era of Takahiro’s. In his youth, Miyashita channeled street wear influences imported from the United States, before branching out into intense gothicism and spectral Western iconography. Though “The High Streets” was not out of line with his previous outputs, he would produce only one more season, “Welcome to the Shadow”, which followed in the same vein. It was defined by a confluence of grunge fabrics, which created layers of flannel and military garments that found their appeal in over saturation rather than cohesion. 

Amongst the most iconic Number (N)ine pieces, the “Hybrid” jacket has endured as a relic of the more streetwear-focused era of Takahiro Miyashita’s career. There were numerous iterations produced in varying materials, including leather, flannel, cotton, gabardine wool, denim, and MA-1 style padded nylon. This specific version is composed of denim, flannel, and wool, with peak labels and cargo pockets on the arms. Seen here in an extremely rare size 4.

Condition: 9/10. One small mark on the front, otherwise no significant flaws.

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