Raf Simons AW2003 Ski Jacket

Raf Simons AW2003 Ski Jacket


In the fall of 2003, Raf was granted access to Peter Saville’s personal archive (marking the first time such a request was granted by Saville). The runway felt arid and sparse in comparison to its predecessor, “Consumed", and was unmistakably sculpted by the stark, geometric imagery of Saville, who blended shapes from the German Bauhaus movement with distinctly modernist calligraphy. The silhouettes were once again borrowed from the working class youth, as had became the norm for Raf, though Saville’s visuals contributed a breath of restraint not seen since his pre-2000s work.

This piece harkens back to the ski jackets of Raf’s youth (note the reemergent interest in the European working-class winter silhouette, which defined his fall output from two years prior, Riot Riot Riot, yet had been shelved in 2002 for a more American skew). Its silver padding and FILA-inspired logo are drawn from the ostentatious rave jackets of the era. The jacket features a pilot neck collar and raglan shoulders, and is notably one of the only early Raf pieces produced with visible “Raf Simons” branding. 

Condition: 8.5/10. Light signs of wear.

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