Raf Simons AW2004 Oversized Multicolor Sweater

Raf Simons AW2004 Oversized Multicolor Sweater


By 2004, we were firmly in a new era of Raf’s work — the second or third, depending where one places their yardstick. He was no longer a subversive newcomer, but a pillar not unlike the giants he once sought to undermine. The season’s were emblazoned with loosely-connected names of trailblazers who defined their area of expertise, a tacit suggestion of Raf’s standing within his own domain. The cuts veered away from the free-flowing silhouette he had come to rely upon since he reemergence in 2001. A handful of the pants became near improbably tight, though there were occasional callbacks (typically paired with conversely narrow-fitting counterparts),

This oversized striped gauge knit stands out as one of the more notable aforementioned callbacks, and it’s cut with a wide body and extended length. However, the color-scheme is more vibrant and rave influenced than what had preceded it, as was the case with much of “Waves.”

Condition: 8/10. Small hole on front.

Tagged size: 46 ( fits massively oversized, XL-XXL)

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