Raf Simons AW2005 Poltergeist Sweater

Raf Simons AW2005 Poltergeist Sweater


By SS2005, Raf had begun to show signs of growing weary with his previous aesthetic, and by FW05’s “History of My World”, it became clear he was entering a new stage in his storied career. He experimented with new silhouettes, the most memorable recurring choice being wide leg, slim waisted pants contrasted with a tight top, and often finished with a cropped jacket. He occasionally turned the silhouette on it’s head, which razor tight pants and draping jackets. The outerwear and boots contributed a menacing, militaristic like feel which reminded us just who we were dealing with after all, and nods to Rafs past were seen in immaculately tailored coats with wide lapels and tight shoulders.

The “Poltergeist” sweater has endured as one of Raf’s most stunning works of art. A piece which evokes not just a visceral but an emotional experience. The references to horror movies — the dates which line it’s sleeve — “The ghost in the machine” — take on piercing new meaning when seen under the umbrella of the season’s name: “History of my World”. It’s perhaps Raf’s most personal expression of youth as a outsider (do we even need to guess who "the ghost in the machine” is)? It tells a tale of a boy who is not alone by any desire, but by an inability to pierce the society he so diligently observes. The proverbial monster in any good horror tale. 

Condition: 9/10. No significant flaws.

Tagged size: 44

Shoulder: 28.5in (drop shoulders)

Pit to pit: 22in

Length: 29in

Sleeve: 22in (fits longer due to drop shoulders)

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