Raf Simons SS2000 Camp Crystal Lake Tee Shirt

Raf Simons SS2000 Camp Crystal Lake Tee Shirt


Raf Simons’ early work serves as a documentary of youth culture, an in-tune amplification of the groups of boys he grew up around and idolized. For the Spring/Summer 2000 collection, “Summa Cum Laude,” Simons utilized two wildly different groups for inspiration. The first being MENSA students, as seen with the slim-cut prep wear. The second being Gabbers, hardcore ravers characterized by their oversized military garb (presumably to allow them to comfortably party throughout the night).

The Camp Crystal Lake graphic is a bit of an anomaly for the collection, as it bares no striking association to either of the two influencing groups of kids. Regardless, its youthful, vintage feel has established it as one of the most iconic and coveted pieces from the collection. It’s composed of a lycra and polyester mix, giving it a significant stretch. The shirt is designed to fit slim and cropped, as seen on the runway.

Condition: 10/10. Brand new with tag attached.

Tagged size: 48

Shoulder: 16in

Pit to pit: 18in

Length: 24.5in

Sleeve: 15in

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