Raf Simons SS2003 "Consumed" Cargo Blazer

Raf Simons SS2003 "Consumed" Cargo Blazer


Consumed was the violent crash of a rising tide which began with AW2001’s "Riot Riot Riot,” and continued through SS2002 “Woe Onto Those Who Spit on the Fear Generation…” and AW2002 “Virginia Creeper.” With these collections, Raf abandoned the upper class and their horror-by-insinuation, as his pre-2000s work delved into, in favor of the in-your-face-angst of the working class. This is the crucial shift between Raf’s first and second eras of work: the subtext became secondary to the immediate. Consumed was a culmination of such ideals, a dystopian cityscape in which the subtext to any imagery was dissolved into over-saturation, with models going so far as to be tattooed with brand logos.

In a deeper reading of the work, it further expounds upon themes of philosopher Marshall McLuhan. In his paper “Understanding Media," he famously declared “the medium is the message.” In relation to art, he postulated that creative works could not be regimented into segments, but rather must be digested as an "instant sensory awareness of the whole.” Lending credence to the claim, Consumed, when dissected into parts and symbols, becomes devoid of its meaning and effect. However, as a whole, the collection introduces a harrowing sensory shock.

This blazer was a key piece of the runway presentation, and was one of the more visually understated offerings, despite its layered cargo vest and accompanying zippers.

Condition: 8.5/10. Small mark on upper back neck. Missing original straps on zipper pulls.

Tagged size: 52

Shoulder: 17.5in

Pit to pit: 22.5in

Length: 30in

Sleeve: 29in

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