Rick Owens AW2006 "Dustulator" Dunks

Rick Owens AW2006 "Dustulator" Dunks


Little needs to be said about the Rick Owens Dunk. Famously discontinued after a cease and desist from Nike, the Dunk has established itself as a bit of an urban legend. Owens claimed to be “flattered to death” by Nike’s letter.

This is an OG pair, as the first iterations were released in AW2006. Features a supple, grainy leather that has worn in to perfection. The quality on these is immaculate - the leather combined with the Raccagni zippers and chunky soles makes for a substantial wear, one that screams quality.

Condition: 8/10. Comes with the original shoebox. Leather is still in excellent condition other than some fragile areas around the heels. Minor sole separation under the heels. All staples still intact.

Size: 43

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