Rick Owens SS2018 "Dirt" Pentagram Hiking Boots

Rick Owens SS2018 "Dirt" Pentagram Hiking Boots


Perhaps growing introspective as his career has progressed, Rick mused to press backstage, "I have romanticized discomfort as much as I can...I feel I need to propose experimental grace and form as a gesture of turning away from threat. Not really as escapism, but as rejection.” Despite its creators denials (and when should we ever trust an artist’s candor in regards to their own work?), the outfits had a decidedly survivalist tinge, while the season’s title, “Dirt”, gave further credence to Owen’s coy disingenuousness. The outfits lacked the volume typical of his work, nor were they carved from fabrics of any particular opulence. Rather, the expressive quality often came from the space between fabrics, with shirts cut out, and bodies exposed through mesh fabrics. Models carried heavy cargo bags, either slung from their pants or coiled around their bodies.

These boots featured prominently on the runway, standing out for their most noticeable design choice, the Pentagram style lacing Rick had introduced the season before. Its conjuring is a return to Rick’s earlier work, which often presented more tangible physical expressions of the morose and taboo, as opposed to his recent output, where he has opted to use oblique shapes and styling to evoke such a feeling. The boot itself features a classic heavy-duty hiking silhouette reconstructed with a unique stacked, geometric sole. As is typical of most of Rick’s footwear, the end result is a striking silhouette

Condition: 9/10. Minimal signs of wear.

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