Undercover AW2001 "D.A.V.F." Bullet Sash/Belt

Undercover AW2001 "D.A.V.F." Bullet Sash/Belt


Undercover’s 2001 had a baroquely militant skew, blending military accessories and shapes with lace and ruffle tops, balaclavas, and pearls. 

Nearly twenty years later, this sash stands alone as the defining piece from D.A.V.F. The iridescent glimmer imbued to these clear, heavy-weight 0.50 cal shells ascribes a quality reminiscent of a teardrop chandelier to the most severe of accessories. While worn on the runway as a sash, it has found a second life as a belt, and can be reasonably worn in either way.

NOTE: The rainbow-like glimmer shown above appears only in strong light/flash photos, this is a display of its iridescent properties. In low/standard light, the bullets appear more so clear. 

Condition: 9/10. No significant flaws. Comes with original packaging.

Tagged size: O/S. Can fit a wide range of sizes due to the adjustable chain closure.

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