Undercover AW2003 "Bin Laden/Bush" Skull Cargos

Undercover AW2003 "Bin Laden/Bush" Skull Cargos


The invitations to Undercover’s AW03 season were printed on cutout silhouettes — an oblique medium which revealed itself to be fitting of the season, “Paper Doll.” The season was highly deconstructed, featuring overlapping fabrics, clashes of loop wheeled shirts and wool knits, patterns changing on a dime. It evoked visions of handmade dolls, pieced together with whatever scraps a young child can find.

Within the collection, Jun subtly imbedded among the boldest political statements he has released at Undercover. Though he’s never been trigger shy, publishing the “Free Burma” and “No (B)orders” prints in recent years, the Paper Doll pieces assume a much more risqué position, as they challenged the War in Iraq, which at the time boasted an approval rating above 50%. Jun wove the faces of George W. Bush and Osama Bin Laden into desert camo pieces, and on these pants into a vivid menagerie of skulls. The further details are true to Jun’s punk roots, including five zips on the front and a triplet on the back, D-Rings at the waist and grommets down the leg.

Condition: 9/10. No significant flaws. 

Tagged size: M

Waist: 15.5in

Rise: 11in

Thigh: 12in

Inseam: 29in

Hem: 7.5in

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