Undercover AW2004 "But Beautiful" Reconstructed Cargo Pants

Undercover AW2004 "But Beautiful" Reconstructed Cargo Pants


In the fall of 2004, Jun Takahashi unveiled some of his finest work with deconstruction and rebuilt fabrics. “But Beautiful” focused on the unique traits clothes acquire as they age and wear down. Among other displays, he expressed this on the runway with shirts stretched so oversized that they had become tunics, and loosened felt hats. Notably, most garments were “personalized” by patches, pins, badges, and other mementos people affix to their most treasured clothes.

All of these thematic ideals are on display with these pants, which feature a complex restructuring of a classic pair of cargo pants. Among other details, they feature a quartet of attached pockets and a skull graphic on the back, with black and white stitching sprinkled in throughout.

Condition: 9/10. No significant flaws.

Tagged size: M

Waist: 16in

Rise: 11in

Thigh: 12in

Inseam: 30.5in

Hem: 6.5in

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