Undercover SS2003 "Scab" Vans

Undercover SS2003 "Scab" Vans


SS2003 “Scab” was Jun Takahashi’s debut at Paris fashion week, which established him as both a visually gifted designer, and one with a unique point of view to express. It elevated the classic DIY punk look by focusing on tailoring in a way rarely attempted by the masters of such an aesthetic. Models stalked the runway in rebuilt clothing with jagged stitches and hanging threads. Pieces hung and draped down their limbs, but clung tight to their torsos. Jun won universal praise from fashion critics, and did so on his own terms.

The half-moon insignia affixed to this skate staple silhouette first appeared on the cover of the Scottish hardcore band Sedition’s 1993 album “Earth Beat”, and ten years later featured prominently into Jun’s “Scab” collection. Its jagged and prehistoric underpinnings were an inspired, yet natural addition to the aesthetic of the crust punks Jun paid tribute to.

Condition: 8/10. Small stain on the front left shoe. Some scuffs on the midsoles.

Tagged size: 10

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