Undercover SS2010 Hiking Boots

Undercover SS2010 Hiking Boots


“In this economy, we should cutout the unnecessary” declared Jun in lead up to SS10s “Less But Better”. The season’s title itself was taken from German industrial designer Dieter Rams, who Jun had met the year before. The season was Jun’s most stark and technical to date, abandoning the weighty, heavily treated fabrics he often employed. It’s a testament to his genius that he was able to self-impose such limits and still create his best work.

These boots were among the finest pieces from the season. A direct example of Jun’s knack for blending multiple design aesthetics into one cohesive piece — they feature contrast cord laces, both silver and green eyelets, an ultra-heavy duty sole, and the season’s signature details, the tanned leather strap and “URCR” print. We feel confident saying it will be a long time before another XL size pair of these appears.

Condition: 9/10. Normal signs of wear.

Tagged size: XL. Fits around an 11.5.

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