Undercover "Undakovr" One-Off Hybrid Denim

Undercover "Undakovr" One-Off Hybrid Denim


Undercover’s Undakovr line is a subset of sporadically released pieces. It lacks any standard release schedule, and all items produced by the line are 1 of 1. Some harken to past Undercover seasons, while others are reconstructions of vintage garments, or borrowed from other labels, such as the Patagonia fleece with leather sleeves released several years ago. Each piece is hand done, and the only of its kind which exists. 

These 1-of-1 jeans reference the AW02 hybrid jeans. In the place of the famous “Rebelgods” rallying cry is merely “Undakovr”. The backside of the mass produced versions were constructed with identical Undercover tee shirts, while these jeans boast vintage collegiate tees instead. 

Condition: 9/10. No significant flaws.

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