Yohji Yamamoto Y's For Men Reversible Souvenir Jacket

Yohji Yamamoto Y's For Men Reversible Souvenir Jacket


To level accolades upon Yohji is like, as Leonard Cohen once said about Bob Dylan, “pinning a metal on Mount Everest”. He claims himself to not be an artist, he says fashion has never been an art, yet to deny the artistic quality of his work would be to deny what our eyes can plainly observe. Like an impressionist painter, he exhumes and explores the depth of relatively simple garments (dirty clothes, as he says the Japanese press maligned his early work), taking a form and rendering its function secondary to the emotion he choses to evoke. To this day their remains a "diamond in the rough" quality to his work. He refuses to do all the work for you, where a lazy man sees a wrinkled coat and oversized, strangely buttoned shirt, a man willing to do the work, to interpret this rorschach in his own, may see anything from romanticism to suffering. This refusal to fully answer what exactly you’re looking at has rendered Yohji a favorite of artists and thinkers across the world. 

The bolder side of this reversible jacket features a classic sukajan done in a light, reflective fabric, with racing stripes down the sleeve, and ribbed black cuffs. The inside is constructed with in a thick knit, that, when not on display, doubles as a comfortable inner. Both sides feature matching imagery. Here Yohji shies away from his typically gothic inspirations, opting rather for an erotically tropical color scheme of bold reds and oranges, and an alluring, prominently displayed mermaid.

Condition: 9/10. No significant flaws.

Tagged size:

Shoulder: 18in

Pit to pit: 21in

Length: 23in

Sleeve: 24in

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